“I Am India”

I Am India

Interesting video outlining some of the progress being made toward economic growth in India. Granted, this does not outline the negative aspects of Indian society (any signs of poverty being notably absent) but it does show that India is coming along and is starting to hold its own in the international marketplace. I believe that India is an emerging market that has major potential and should not be overlooked by MNCs.


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  1. dude…

    I am India.

    🙂 That video made me so proud! 😀 *mushy Indian feelings* But honestly, India has moved forward in less time than any country I’ve known, including China. China’s always been around and considered a big power b/c of its size and population. India’s been known until now for it’s population, and only recently its innovations…it’s moving so quickly though, so there are some downfalls in that it’s becoming westernized so fast. But that’s life for ya, a balance of both the good and the bad.

    *ends philosophizing* 🙂

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