Waiting, Wondering…

 I’m currently sitting near gate B45 in Washington Dulles Airport, about to board my flight to Frankfurt, Germany on my way to Bangalore, India. This is it – no more turning back!

Turns out I’ll be flying all night to Germany, then having a four hour layover in Frankfurt, then flying to Bangalore. I will arrive in Bangalore aound midnight, where I will board a bus bound for Mysore. That will arrive at around 5:30 AM on Saturday morning. Thankfully, we can do whatever we want that day – including nap/recover, etc. I’ll try to do a more in depth update when I show up.

Yesterday was a lot of fun – met a ton of people that seem very cool. Upon arrival in Washington, DC, we got checked in at the Airport Hilton, then took busses to Arlington to a restaurant called “Red, Hot and Blue” – where a catered BBQ dinner was provided. We then went into Georgetown and had a ton of fun going out with people. We started out at a bit of a swanky bar, but then went to a place called Nathan’s – a really chill bar with a lacrosse theme (amazing, I know!). $3 draft night was a good time. I even got to chat in a really relaxed environment with two of the top HR people for North American operations at Infosys. I thought it was a perfect way to break the ice and have a little fun before leaving the country for 6-8 months.  Didn’t stay out too late, as I wanted to crash out – and crash out I did. Woke up to the housekeeper knocking on the door – at 8:40 AM. I think the place we stayed is a real business style place – in at 11 PM, out at 7 AM.

Let’s do this thang!


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