First Day In Mysore

Well, we finally exited our gated compound and entered “the real world” today. Infosys set up a tour of the major sights of Mysore – including Chamundi Hill and Mysore Palace. Both were pretty awesome places, with a lot of beautiful things to see – including the second largest bull statue in India. There were plenty of street vendors and people trying to sell you overpriced trinkets. We were quite a spectacle to see apparently – the sight of a bunch of Americans walking around in Mysore led to people staring at us, taking photos of us and with us, etc.

I finally have my Indian cell-phone number – contact me if you want it. I was amazed at how cheap it was – I was able to get a SIM card and 445 minutes for 500 rupees ($25) out the door from Hutch. Gotta love it.

I put some new photos up today, so check them out.



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2 responses to “First Day In Mysore

  1. you seem to have an affinity/shock value for cows in the street. 🙂

  2. Grandma

    I am enjoying the pics you have sent. Such beautiful buildings, etc.
    What an experience you will have in India. Digital photos are great aren’t they?
    Take care and I will be anxious to hear about your 1st day of class. Love, Grandma

  3. KJS

    I think it’s more affinity – these cows seem so docile. Also, it’s kind of a novelty to see them in the street instead of in the field! 😛

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