First Day Of Work…

Had my first day of work for Infosys today. After a quick breakfast at the Floating Restaurant, I had to be at the ILI (Infosys Leadership Institute) building at 8:30 AM. Personally, I thought a lot of the speakers were very interesting – made me excited about working for a company with such lofty and exciting goals.

In other news, it’s official that I will have to move rooms. Apparently they are completely full on campus and need to wait for some batches to move out, but once that happens, we get moved ASAP. I quite liked my little first floor villa with a porch. Unfortunately, the time frame on that is TBA – so I’m hesitant to really unpack all of my things, as I will just need to repack later. Not a big deal though, as they will help me out (plus I’ll be all together with the rest of the US batch.

Finally, I got my mailing address today – it is as follows:

Kevin J. Smith
US Batch
Plot No. 350
Hebbal Electronics City
Hootagalli, Mysore, India 570-018

They will then let me know so I can pick it up. Any letters/etc. will be reciprocated!



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3 responses to “First Day Of Work…

  1. Jeff Smith

    Great to read about your first day, Kev. Have a great week. Love the Flickr pics, too. Would love to see some of the campus as well when you get to it.



  2. Kate Fish

    Kevin! If I just go in with my letter to the post office… they will just put the right postage on it to send? Glad to hear you are doing well though and I love your pictures!! 🙂 Talk to you soon!

  3. Grandma

    I am about to go to Walgreens to get copies of the pics you had on flickr. Marty is going to help me do scrapbooking of your pics for you. We thought you would like that.
    Hope all is going well in India for you.
    Your pics are so interesting.
    Keep in touch Much love, Grandma

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