The Word Of The Day Is Polychronistic…

Well, we’re all done with the reams and reams of HRD paperwork (including super fun Indian government documents). We started the Infosys Leadership Institute portion of our training yesterday after lunch.

Various Indian batches are leaving campus, having completed training – so us villa-dwellers are apparently going to move within the week. Glad I didn’t totally unpack! On that note, the guy(s) who clean my room are quite possibly the most thorough people ever. They put my shoes on a shelf for me, they neatly arrange my bathroom stuff, etc. I don’t even ask them to do it, either! Unfortunately, tips are not customary at all in some aspects of Indian culture, so they may not take any money if I give it to them for doing such a good job.

I put some new photos up on my Flickr page – be sure to check them out. Until next time – may you have champagne wishes and caviar dreams (to use the Robin Leach catchphrase).


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