Tripping The Lights Fantastic In Mysore…

Lots of fun last night in Mysore. We went to Mysore Palace to watch it light up – it was amazing. Over 100K bulbs across the grounds of the palace make for a spectacular sight. Videos will be staggered in different posts.

We then decided to go to dinner at The Park Lane Hotel – amazing food, highly recommended. However, our cab driver had different plans. He drove us all the way to one of the government-licensed fine goods shops and was telling us to go in and look around. Obviously, he was getting a kick-back from the owner of this place. We had to slowly tell him that we weren’t interested in going to this store at all and that we wanted to go to dinner at The Park Lane. Thank goodness the cab ride was an unmetered one (and that we were street smart enough to see through his little game). The crazy part is that this guy drove for the cab service that is “approved” by the company – so you’d think he’d be a little less dodgy. Oh well, all part of the experience I suppose.


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  1. *haha* FINALLY, a dose of reality! 🙂

    jk..dude, i’m so happy you’re enjoying! stay alert, but enjoy the Buh-jeezus out of Diwali man! ITS GOING TO BE LIKE NOTHING YOU”VE EVER EVER ..*supercaps* EVER *end supercaps* seen before! 😀

    *sends my share of lights for the festival* (i know it’s a while away, but whadda heck!* 😉

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