It’s The Final Countdown…

Here in India, there are many diverse kinds of music – from Bollywood hits to classical Indian music to top hits from around the world. However, there is one song that stands out among the rest – “The Final Countdown” by Europe.

The magnum opus of the hair rock group Europe, this song has long been a staple at sporting events around the globe. This particular song seems to hold an honored spot here in India – I hear it at least 3 times per week, if not more. On the radio, in bars, in the bowling alley, on “DJ Night” on campus – you can’t escape the towering synthesizers and monster guitars.

In honor of this special song, I’ve dug up the music video – enjoy a little trip down memory lane (or in my case, every day life). Be sure to avoid inhaling too much hairspray.



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3 responses to “It’s The Final Countdown…

  1. Matt

    That is scary, although amusing (the video). The lead singer looks like a crossdresser! I don’t think the Indians would approve if they saw the video 😉

  2. it is not the most popular one outside but of course it one of the most popular ones inside the Infosys campus.

  3. Whenever I hear that song I think of G.O.B. from Arrested Development and his “illusions.” It makes me smile.

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