Bored? Want To Send Me An SMS Over Here In India?

Now that the US has finally joined the rest of the civilized world in terms of using text messaging (aka SMS), I’ve noticed that many of the kids these days enjoy “texting” while listening to their profane hipping and hopping music.

All kidding aside, I have unlimited free incoming texts (thanks Hutch!), so I’d love a text or two. Go to this site, enter in my number – 9916727906 (Indian number, trying to do this from a normal phone will cost you a fortune), and enter a fun message. Be sure to put who it’s from – as they put their site name in the “From” box. Pretty neat, eh?


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One response to “Bored? Want To Send Me An SMS Over Here In India?

  1. Grandma

    Hi Kev:
    So good to hear your voice on the e-mail you sent. Hang in there. We all have bad days but with determination, one can overcome them. I have had many. Being in a new and different culture would be very hard to get used to but you can do it. Can’t believe that you have been gone over a month now.
    I have had a lot of fun doing the slide scanning. I have done some for my friends–Alice and Louie Crew. They are thrilled to have it done. Thanks for your help for getting me started.
    Talk later. Much love, Grandma

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