Horror In Hyderabad…

NDTV.com: Blasts rock Hyderabad, 30 dead

This has been wall-to-wall on all Indian news outlets today. I feel absolutely terrible about it – my prayers and condolences go out to those who have been affected by such mindless violence, directly or indirectly. According to Times NOW News, all southern states (including Karnataka, where I’m located) are now under alert. They are currently speculating that this may be the work of radical Islamic groups, possibly supported by Pakistan.

Most of the US batch is currently out of Mysore for the long weekend, mostly in southern states (Chennai, Goa, Bangalore, etc., so I hope everyone makes it back home OK.

I imagine corporate will initiate increased security on campus ASAP. They may impose additional rules on us for our safety – but I think people will be less likely to freak out about them this time. It will be interesting to see how this will affect our future travel plans – I haven’t seen any updates from the US Department of State, however it is the weekend.

For more about the incident, here are some Indian news agencies (that have this on the front page, unlike US news outlets).


Times Of India

The Indian Express

The Deccan HeraldĀ 


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