An Ode To Amul Taaza…

Amul Taaza

This stuff is the world’s greatest beverage – ever. You may say “But Kevin, it’s only milk!” However, comparing this to common milk is like comparing a Ford Fiesta to a Maserati.

What other milk requires no refrigeration for up to 180 days before being opened? This marvel of agricultural engineering is achieved by filtering the milk through ridiculously high temperatures so that anything remotely living is exterminated.

In addition, it has a festive decoration on the box. The rolling green Indian hills, with red and green birds fluttering along in the sky. A lone cow/water buffalo strolls through the meadow, relaxedly chewing on the grass with a contentment that only the realization of their sacred status can bring.

I think they need to start importing this stuff for the US market – particularly the college student crowd. Being able to store your milk on the counter = more room for beer in the refrigerator!



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4 responses to “An Ode To Amul Taaza…

  1. Jeff Smith

    I can just see the ad campaign: “Got Amul Taaza?”


  2. Grandma

    Hi Kev:
    The Amul Taaza sounds interesting. How does it taste?
    Does the milk come in pints or how is it sold?
    Happy Labor Day in India.
    Talk later. Grandma

  3. Mary Courtney Smith

    You know you’re dietary choices are restricted when Amul Taaza brings such delight..


  4. haha…go indian milk! *cheers*

    seriously though, you should try the mango drink called Frooti. (sounds like my name *heh*) it’s STOOPENDOUS! (i think) 🙂 if i start drinking one, i’ll end up drinking a dozen in 16.7 minutes..exactly. *swoons in frooti thoughts*

    o, and i found a wiki link for it too:


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