The Gauntlet…

I’ve had 3 tests in the last 5 days – it’s been a a lot of work, but I feel like I’m learning a lot. Today marks the start of one of our longer class sessions, so we will have a temporary breather from the fast paced testing schedule. I’ve been working on a function for a group project plus studying for all of those exams/retakes – so that has been a bit hectic. I think I did well on the project, so that will help me in passing the module, as it is 30% of my grade.

I’m going to Bangalore this weekend – for fun, not for bureaucratic insanity. It will be the first time I’ve left the city of Mysore since September 3rd – yikes. I will have plenty of video/photographic footage of Bangalore not being spent on a chartered bus that is meandering across town to fulfill strict government regulatory requirements at the last minute.

I’m also hoping to figure out what city in India I’ll be placed into Production in. Guess it all depends on business requirements, like so many other things at Infosys (and in the consulting industry in general – it’s the nature of the beast). Then the next question after that – where in the Midwest is KJS being placed? I could be placed anywhere from Minneapolis/St. Paul to St. Louis and everywhere in between – as all of them “virtually report” to the Chicago (Lisle) office. I just have to keep saving my pennies and not blow them all on Chilly [sic] Chicken Rolls at Loyal World.

In other news, apparently wiring money is another area where the government has gotten their fingers in tightly. I seriously signed my name about 10 times over the course of two days to do a basic wire transfer from India to the USA. I heart filling out forms written in Indian legal English – which is a whole another language in itself. It makes the US Patriot Act requirements with regards to banking look like a walk in the park. Thankfully, my bank treats me like a pseudo-VIP and allowed me to not have to take a ticket and wait to sign documents.

I guess they assume, like many in this country, that white person = lots of money. It’s like accidental white privilege (I’m not taking advantage of it, they tell me to come to the desk and I do it.) I like to think I make up for it by trying to remain low-key on other things – aka treat the guards/housekeepers/landscapers with respect, don’t act like an ignorant jerk and try to experience the beautiful culture of India.

One last random rumination – I’ve been real big on the whole “voluntary simplicity” thing as late – based on how people live with a lot less “stuff” than we have in the US. I’m planning out how I can cut down my material possessions and service when I move back. Right after reading some blogs on frugality, however, I spent two hours ogling smartphones (Blackberry, Treo, etc). GO GO GADGET HYPOCRISY!


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