Facebook Opens Up To Public Search – GigaOM

Facebook Opens Up To Public Search – GigaOM

I predict a lot of kids getting dragged home from college and a lot of people missing out on job offers due to their profile photos and such when employers run Google searches. While it doesn’t reveal all of your information, “funny” photos can be extremely damaging when searching for work – as most employers don’t find a picture of a prospective employee doing a keg stand to be as “cool” as his fraternity brothers do.

My advice? Click on the Privacy link on Facebook and opt-out of being publically searchable/don’t opt-in in the first place. If you want to be found that way, don’t post any photos you don’t want Great-Aunt Mildred seeing/don’t let friends tag you in them. It could save you some hassle down the line.

Edit: Tim has reported that this may be opt-in (maybe it changed recently?), so just check your privacy settings in general and make sure it isn’t checked!



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2 responses to “Facebook Opens Up To Public Search – GigaOM

  1. Tim

    It looks as though this is opt-in. I just checked my privacy settings and the way I read it I didn’t have to do anything.

  2. KJS

    I guess it depends on how locked down your privacy settings are in the first place – I saw the boxes for me as being checked. I could be completely wrong, however.

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