Mail Call!

I’ve been pontificating to the masses via this blog for over 3 months now and I sometimes feel at times that this has been somewhat of a “one to many” platform. There have been comments and such, but I think it would be interesting to make a post based on what the readers would like to know about my experiences here in India.

You can post a question in the comments and/or via other communication means and I will answer those that I deem to be best/most interesting in an upcoming post. One disclaimer – I will definitely not answer any questions that violate my non-disclosure agreement or are in breach of corporate policy (so don’t ask me for “hot stock tips” on INFY and/or anything confidential) . So hit me with your best questions and see if I choose them to be answered in an upcoming post!



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4 responses to “Mail Call!

  1. Tyler Gill

    For a guy hows half way around the would, u sure able to keep in touch with some regularity. Hope all going we, and good luck on exams.

  2. Matt

    It may seem lame, but have you really had culture shock with the everyday things, such as food, drink, hell, even things like the shower (I hear in Japan the shower heads are lower, but I have no proof).

    And perhaps a more… interesting? question:

    How is your perception of personal security been altered? Do you feel as safe as you did back home (EL or the big R, pretty much similar in my book), or even at the country level. Do you see more news making fun of America? or perhaps more unbiased news coverage? ( which is biased by your opinion of how biased it is here, of course)

    Keep kicking ass KJS, reading your blog is a true enjoyment.

  3. Tim

    I can say with certainty that the shower heads are lower in Japan, but that is off topic.

    Rather than a question I have a mission. It’s been in recent news that India is mandating keylogging software in all internet cafes. If you were to take a field trip to one such location and report about it I would find it fascinating.

  4. soooo….what’s the meaning of life? 😉

    jk..i want to know what part (experience-wise) of India you love and hate the most. also, if you were to give advise to someone traveling there, what would it be? 😀

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