Almost 1/3 Of The Way Done!

Last week was an absolute blur. I was at work late almost every night, doing the assignments and studying for the huge test on RDBMS – which I passed pretty handily on Friday. That was a relief. Now we just have two more modules in our Generic Stream Training.

Next Monday, we have our final examination for the entire Generic Stream – aka everything I’ve been learning for the last two months or so. I’ve been trying to set up some mock code that I can use to buy some time on the hands-on portion of the examination (open computer test, but no Internet access) – even going as far as going into work at 10:00 PM on a Saturday night. The actual multiple choice exam is going to be tough – 100 questions chosen from everything from memory structure/paging to UNIX. I am determined to pass it on the first try.

Normally, this seems like an obvious thing to want to do – but with this exam, if you fail and have to retake it – I’d have to wait until December, after my Mainframe Stream training and comprehensive exam for that. Needless to say, that would be a “bad thing”. I’d rather grit my teeth and “git ‘r done” the first time instead of having two massive exams to deal with To that end, I’ve been saving up my Z’s this weekend, as I’ll be at “the office” late all week/weekend preparing for it.

After that test, I’ll have one more training segment for my technical portion – mine being mainframes!



That’s right kids! Kevin will get to stare at a 3270 terminal emulator and program in COBOL! Hey, whatever pays the bills I guess! (plus it is an interesting niche to get placed in – tons of legacy systems still in use). Now if I could only find out exactly what part of the entire Midwestern US they will be placing me, I’d be in business (that’s consulting for you!)

In good news, I’ll be leaving India on January 19th (at the absolute latest), so only 121 days left (give or take a few days – depending on the leave I have available at the end of my time). If anyone wants to know where I want to eat when I get back – I will be going to the closest Wendy’s and ordering a Classic Triple Combo Meal, Biggie Sized.



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6 responses to “Almost 1/3 Of The Way Done!

  1. Jeff Smith

    Hi Kev:

    Love the update and the meal request when back home. That’ll be our first stop on the way back from the airport! Enjoyed the description of the tests and their contents.

    Another sunny, cool Sunday out here – the last official Sunday of Summer – Fall officially begins later this coming week (when it will actually warm up in to the 80’s). Glad for our MSU victory over Pitt – but they have a ton to work on this week in practice and Coach D will show them the way. Notre Dame won’t want to go 0-4 next week, after losing to UM yesterday and the game is in South Bend. Have a good Sunday,



  2. haha..i like the spicy chicken combo…but then again, i’m indian *rolls eyes*

  3. Kate

    I’m with Shruti, I like the spicy chicken combo… πŸ™‚

    I can’t believe you’ve already been over there for so long! Sounds like you are doing well though, I’m glad.

  4. KJS

    I could go for the Spicy Chicken combo too – it would be refreshing to not be served the finest “knuckle and bone” cut of chicken like they seem to do at the really nice place on campus. I’ve switched over to eating a decent amount of veg stuff out of necessity – I either can eat the super bony chicken, or I can have the non-bony vegetables.

  5. Kate

    because nobody likes those bony veggies! πŸ˜€

    Hopefully I’ll be making a trip up to MI sometime in the spring, so maybe we will be able to catch up in person – way cool. I love your updates!

  6. My favorite indian food…Pav Bhaji. *AHMAZING* πŸ™‚

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