Just A Closer Walk With Thee…

I don’t usually wax religious on here, but I had to share my Sunday morning with you all. I finally got the chance to go to formal church services here in India with some coworkers.

It was a beautiful experience – it really made me realize that God is truly everywhere. The building was old, the organ was a little out of tune, the Bibles were a mish-mash of versions and editions, etc – but you know what, all that meant nothing when I saw everyone joyfully praising the Lord. I felt such happiness being able to worship God with fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ. These people don’t have a full rock band, coffee bar or video screens, etc – but when I heard the whole congregation belting out “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” in unison, I knew that this was something amazing. I wish I had brought my camera – I will have to do so next time I go – it is a simple place, but that is what makes it beautiful in my mind.



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4 responses to “Just A Closer Walk With Thee…

  1. Sup KJS, give me a ring next time you go, I’ve held it off for too long. I was actually meaning to try today for the first time, but sleep naturally took over. Maybe after the long weekend ahead, I can check out the service too. Sounds pretty cool.

  2. Grandma

    What a great explanation of your time in church this morning. It is so true that material things mean so little and faith and belief in Christ are so important. I would love to see pictures of the church that you attended.
    Good luck on your Monday exam.
    Much love, Grandma

  3. Grandma

    Your experience this morning in church sounds great. How true that it doesn’t matter the condition of the place of worship –just the thought of the people worshiping God. what an experience for you.
    Good luck on your Monday exam.

    Love, Grandma

  4. Marianne

    What a beautiful entry! I am sure God is with you and supporting you in all you do in this journey and so are your family and friends back home.

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