Want To Know What Time It Is In India? Just “Google” It!

I get a lot of questions about what time it is here and while I gladly will tell you that Indian Standard Time is 5.5 hours of Greenwich Mean Time (or Coordinated Universal Time/Zulu time for you military folks!) – so basically 10.5 hours ahead of Michigan during Eastern Standard Time (9.5 hours ahead during Eastern Daylight Time). Don’t ask me why the Indians decided to add an extra half hour – I think they just wanted to “rage against the machine”, so to speak.

However, if you want to see the exact time here in Mysore, India – just type in “time mysore, india” into Google and it will display the current time here in beautiful India (all of India is on the same time zone). You can put in a ton of places in the world and it will pull it up – here are a few samples:

What Time Is It In Los Angeles, CA?

What Time Is It In Tokyo, Japan?

What Time Is it In Djibouti? 

Quite a handy tool for people who have family overseas, do business with other countries, as well as for travelers.

(hat tip – Lifehacker)


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