Beyond The Gate…

A lot of my daily experiences here in India occur within a bubble of sorts. I live and work on a corporate compound that would be state of the art by Western standards. I sleep in a room with A/C, daily housekeeping, free bottled water – the works. I have high walls with barbed wire and armed guards that keep the carefully groomed image intact. However, once you walk outside the steel gates of Infosys Mysore, things are much more “real”.

My coworker Nate Racklyeft posted a very well-written blog entry about his experiences of helping out a local social worker (whose niece happens to work with us). It shows a side of Mysore that we have been sheltered from for the most part; a side where the proverbial “have-nots” live, seemingly unaffected by the dizzying growth of the Indian economy; a side we cannot forget about helping. Follow the link below to read Nate’s thoughts.

alterNate: Another Side Of Mysore


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  1. i read that…it’s the truth..even a prison is sort of freedom for those too poor to afford daily things in real life. but such it is, for a country where population is booming every which way, when you’re there, and a part of it, you sort of don’t care. it’s only human of us. you become immune.

    sux, i feel like it takes living in a different environment to realize the obvious.

    anywho, neat “headboard pic” 🙂 *peacez*

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