Around 3:30 PM, Infosys had a fire drill in the GEC. This was not your average fire drill, however. After convincing our instructors that we needed to leave, we headed outside and were herded over to the cricket ground on campus. Apparently they had brought in a speaker. However, this was not your average public speaker. They somehow found the most intense person I have heard in ages to do a talk on basic fire safety – like the kind of stuff you learn in elementary school in the US. He was literally yelling into the loudspeaker with the fervor of a Southern Baptist preacher at a tent revival, screaming about how smoke will kill you and how you need to stop, drop and roll.

It was completely surreal – but that’s how a lot of things are in my life these days.



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  1. lol, and “round of applause” for your post 🙂

  2. ‘surreal’ because that is something not new…?

  3. KJS


    I think it was “surreal” because of how the material was presented. I was used to seeing such shows of emotion and passion at religious/political/motivational rallies – not at a fire safety awareness speech.

    I was more used to the local fire department letting us look at the fire engines and telling us not to play with matches and such – it was just out of my realm of experiences I suppose.

  4. Kim

    I love that when I read your writing, it’s like you’re right there having a conversation with me; I can totally picture this “fire safety” fanatic. Hope you’re doing well!

  5. Jeff Smith


    Sounds like a job for Fire Marshall Bill — “Hi Kids”…

  6. KJS,
    It is required for this place. Imagine keeping all those thousands of people humored and interested during that one hour. Even after that people were cribbing on bulletin board mentioning the ‘worthlessness’ of it !

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