Happy Kannada Rajyotsava!

There are a lot of holidays on the Infosys India list of days off that are definitely not on too many US companies’ holiday list.  It sometimes can be like playing a game – “Figure out what the name of the holiday is/what it is and win a prize!”. Today was one such day – Kannada Rajyotsava.

Having obtained a fine liberal arts education in undergrad, I was interested to understand more about this holiday to broaden my horizons/find out what the occasion was to warrant a paid day off. Turns out that Karnataka (Kannada) Rajyotsava is a celebration of the creation of Karnataka – the state that I live in here in India – on November 1, 1956. It was on that fine day in 1956 that a lot of the Kannada (the regional language) speaking regions were combined together to form the state.

In any event, Kevin gets to sit around and relax/sleep – which is always a good thing. I leave for Delhi and Agra next Thursday night (Infosys gives us Friday off for Diwali/Deepvali), so I’m looking forward to that trip.

In other news, I did a redesign of my “vanity” domain name – http://www.kevinjeffreysmith.com  – XHTML 1.0 Strict Compliant with CSS. It’s pretty minimal, but that’s what I was going for.


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  1. Tyler Gill

    Congrads, You’ve discovered something that 52.8 Million already knew. Have a fun weekend.

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