Delhi/Agra Trip Part I – Early In The Morning, Rising To My Feet…

Finally, it is time to tell the tale of the eventful Diwali weekend trip to New Delhi and Agra, India. It all began after work last Thursday…

The beginning of a trip is usually the most uneventful, but this was not the case this time. Apparently there existed a communication gap between myself and the bus ticketing people – they told me I had a ticket on November 8th when I actually didn’t/they double booked my seat. That posed a problem, as they had 6 buses going to Bangalore/Hyderabad – all full. I had to put on my “boorish American” hat to get some results. Finally, I was able to start making the trek to Northern India.

When we got to Kempe Gowda Bus Station in Bangalore, I figured the bus driver would pull in and stop for a second – I figured wrong. It was basically a rolling stop, where I had to hop out of the bus and make my way through the throngs of travelers during the Diwali festival. After making my way through the crowds, I soon found myself in a place of solace – where things are simpler and more beautiful – that place was the local KFC. (Interesting side note – at Indian fast food places, the workers are usually all very presentable, with clean uniforms and a smile on their faces. The actual eateries are clean enough to perform surgery on. It’s like they actually care about their job or something – what’s up with that?)

I soon had to play telephone tag with my cab driver that was taking me to Infosys Bangalore, but after some initial confusion, I made it to Gate 6 of Infosys at Electronics City. I finally was able to get my room at the hostel complex and crash for a few hours.

At 2:15 AM, I got my wakeup call and had to get ready for our early, early flight. My travel partner, Jen and I met in the lobby and got in a Tata Motors Indica that took us to Bangalore/Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Airport to catch our flight on IndiGo Airlines to Delhi.

Our flight left at around 6:30 AM and as we took off, I couldn’t help but think that Bangalore at dawn looked like so many strands of festive Diwali lights. I had the entire exit row to myself and actually sprawled out across 3 seats – it was glorious. We arrived in Delhi at Indira Gandhi International Airport at around 8:30 AM, got on a bus that took us literally 30 meters to the terminal, then proceeded to get a prepaid taxi to our hotel – this is where the real fun begins.


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