Moving On Up…

Moving Up In Mumbai” – Wall Street Journal

Interesting article focusing on three young guys from the slums of Mumbai, India trying to work their way out, with a little help from the explosive growth of the service sector there.

Having lived here in India for over four months, you can see a difference in how people treat their jobs. You walk into a McDonald’s here and you notice how clean it is – you could perform surgery on the floors. You go up to place your order and you are greeted by a fresh-looking cashier who adeptly punches in the numbers and has your food up in 5 minutes or less. These people actually care about their jobs. Reading about the former employment of those three guys – I can see why.

All I know is that I will never complain about my time pushing carts at Target again after seeing the type of stuff people have to do here for a living.



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2 responses to “Moving On Up…

  1. Nate

    hey dude, show me this clean mcdonalds…

  2. KJS

    We saw such a McDonald’s in the middle of New Delhi, believe it or not. It was immaculate. I wish I would have taken a photo of it.

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