On The Move…

Well, I’m back to the USA – it has been a fast-paced few weeks. It was awesome to spend time at home for the holidays. I wish I had found some more time to visit with friends, but thems the breaks I guess.

I drove down to Lisle, IL in a snowstorm in order to report on January 2 – lots of spun out cars and slow going. The Infosys office there is pretty quiet, as most of the work is done on client sites. Had to do a little paperwork – plus they have internet access between 9 and 5 PM! That helped out when I had to take care of some faxes.

I’ve also been hitting the pavement hard, looking for an apartment. I’ve had a lot of help from my new Japanese girlfriend – aka my 2008 Honda Civic – a wonderful car so far (plus it’s 70% made in America!). My 1994 Buick had a strong engine, but it’s not reliable enough in the electrical department to do long range commuting – however, it still lives on in Rochester Hills!

Hopefully I get on a project sometime soon – things are a little bit up in the air at the moment. I’m hoping to find something out today or Monday. If not, I may be doing some training stuff for a while. Thankfully, I still get paid my full US salary!


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  1. wow..did you buy the civic coupe?! i was thinking of getting one too! …but tis a tad expensive for me 😦

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