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12 Days Of Christmas, Indian Style…

Some of my coworkers found this on Youtube. I thought it was pretty funny, having been here in India for a while. It’s made by an animated (think Gorillaz) boy band from India called Boy Mongoose.



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I Went To India For Five Months, And All I Got Was This Lousy Movie…

A photo montage set to music, showing off some of the cool stuff I’ve experienced here.


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Ship Out Date – Confirmed!

Well, looks like I’ll be home from India for good before Christmas! The company told me that I’d be leaving immediately after Friday, December 21st – less than 2 weeks away – so I’m planning on being on the next flight out at 3:00 AM on Saturday morning. I’ll actually arrive home at DTW the same calendar day at 1:30 PM, due to the fact that I’m crossing quite a few time zones. Sadly, the flights themselves are about 20 hours.

I’m officially released from E&R training and am now an “real” Infoscion in production. I also got confirmation that I’ll be posted in the Chicago area at a yet to be determined client location following my time here. Unfortunately, I don’t know how long the project will be – making housing a bit of a challenge. Hopefully that will change as more communication occurs with my managers this week.

In other news, the 10 or so Americans in my business unit are the only ones left here in Mysore of the original 87. Everyone else was shipped out to Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Bhubaneswar. We had some going away parties to celebrate/wish people good luck. I was able to capture some video from “The Road” – a new club here in Mysore – on Friday night.


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The Travels Of KJS – A Video…

I had a lot of free time and decided to whip this up with Windows Movie Maker and Google Earth. It’s a fly-over of all of my international travel thus far in my life.

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(Belated) Videos From New Delhi/Agra Trip…

Click on the link below to check out the videos I took on my trip to New Delhi and Agra, India!


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Videos From Goa…

┬áVideo players are below the fold – click the link below.

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From Bom…I Mean Mysore To Goa!

In honor of my trip to Goa this weekend, here is a video that gives a glimpse of the type of scenery I will be seeing.

I’m leaving Saturday morning from Mysore, then taking a flight from Bangalore to Goa. I’ll be returning to Mysore on Tuesday (or Gandhi Jayanthi here in India – a holiday!) Missing two days of class (including a random one for 8 hours on Saturday) on JCL, but I think chillaxing on the Arabian Sea will be far superior. I’m already prepping the memory card for a ton of pictures and videos – watch for those.

PS: The title was a take-off from a Bollywood film, “Bombay To Goa”

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